Haiku the Sensitive Orc

Inspired by an exchange with Draliman on Life I have done a terrible thing.

orc - 1.jpgorc - part 2.jpgno dad.jpgSnatch.jpgorc - 5.jpgorc - 6.jpgorc - 2

Sorry. I’m so sorry.



13 thoughts on “Haiku the Sensitive Orc

  1. Oh boy, how I have wronged the orc nation. Sort of. I hope Haiku gets a nice 9-5 in a library or somewhere and doesn’t have to eat any more of his brothers.
    My hat is off to you, Sir!

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  2. I love you. My husband just made the stupidest argument about how he can’t be encouraging of our kids because it will make them weak. Now I don’t have to argue anymore. I can just show him this lovely drawing.

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