A is for Appropriate Adult

I’ve already told you how my zany other half comes out with some corkers, haven’t I.

The other day we were discussing the phonetic alphabet (I know, life’s a constant riot at Chez JIF) and I noticed the letter ‘R’ was sneaking into the word.  I halted, mid dog-walk, and turned to face the light of my life.  “Are you calling it the Frenetic Alphabet, my little apple dumpling strudel?”

Much hilarity then ensued as we spent the rest of the walk coming up with the words that would be appropriate.  The silence of the beautiful autumn woods reverberated with the following exclamations and general swearing until I got home and made little drawings ‘cos I thought you might like them.


A is for…

frenetic alphabet.A

And B is for…

frenetic alphabet.B

C is for…

frenetic alphabet.C

You were a bit worried then, weren’t you.

D is for…

frenetic alphabet.D

And E is for…

frenetic alphabet.E

That one is pretty much how my face looks each day when i wake up and realise THIS is the reality and that was the dream.

frenetic alphabet.F

frenetic alphabet.G

frenetic alphabet.H

frenetic alphabet.I

frenetic alphabet.J

frenetic alphabet.K

frenetic alphabet.L

frenetic alphabet.M

frenetic alphabet.N.jpg

frenetic alphabet.O

frenetic alphabet.P.jpg

frenetic alphabet.Q.jpg

frenetic alphabet.R.jpg

frenetic alphabet.T.jpg

frenetic alphabet.U

frenetic alphabet.V

frenetic alphabet.W

frenetic alphabet.X

frenetic alphabet.Y

frenetic alphabet.Z.jpg

I would love to hear your alternative versions of any of the above as this was all a bit spur of the moment and entailed no real thought.  Please feel free to make new and improved suggestions in the comments section below.

This is available as a wall chart if you want to teach your kids the alphabet.

frenetic alphabet.1.jpg


Where are you going?


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