#Inktober2017 Day 8

Apologies to the author of this song for this image. It is, honestly, one of my favourites. Can you guess the title and band from the lyrics?



#Inktober 2017

Hello there, yes, I know there have been no posts for some time. What can I say – I have had one hell of a lot of Procrastination to catch up on. Anyway, I thought I’d pick up the pens again and do Inktober this year, so here it is.

If you don’t know, Inktober is explained here – What the devil is Inktober?

Dese is da rules –

  1. Make a drawing in ink
  2. Post it online
  3. Hashtag it with #Inktober and #Inktober2017
  4. Repeat every day of October

There is an official prompt list, which can be found on the above link, along with lots of other tips on drawing and pens etc.

I will not be following this official prompt list, ‘cos I’m a bit like that sometimes, you know, a bit wayward and naughty in a cute and lovable sort of way. Instead, as it’s always a bit of a disco round at our house,  I will be drawing some stuff inspired by song lyrics.

I SAY! HERE’S FUN! – Why not see if you can guess the song title and/or artist from the lyrics… Just an idea, if you fancy it. If not, don’t.


Here goes – Bon Voyage!




Ta, matey!

My amazing friend MADE me this dragon for my birthday and I am still astonished at the work that has gone into it.


For those of you you may be interested in the creation of this creature (Rediskot I’m looking at you) I think there has been some knitting and some crochet going on. Here are a couple of blurry close-ups of the little diva to illustrate why I am not a photographer.


It arrived with a little card about Llewellyn daydreaming about the Welsh kings who loved dragons and as my amazing friend is called Sue I felt the obvious choice for a name was Sue-Ellen. Now Sue-Ellen sits atop my drawing board, laughing at my efforts at cartoonery.

This is the card I made for Sue to say ‘Ta, matey!’

Thanks for the dragon.jpg

Worse Nightmare

It’s about time we saw some of my not-so-little leggy relatives on here.

Spider Nightmare.jpg

I think something like this happened to my partner the other day – I wasn’t paying that much attention but I noticed there was an emergency stop and some general yelling before the driver’s seat was rapidly evacuated.

(No banks, partners or spiders were harmed in the making of this cartoon, though my favourite balaclava is starting to unravel slightly and the car is a bit cobwebby.)