Age is Just a Number

But HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway, you legends!

Julia and Suki.jpg

Twin sister's birthday.jpg

Keep on orbiting the sun in your own stylish manner, both of you. XXX



Meet Billy.


Of course, some of you already know Billy. He is a good friend of mine and he just has one of those faces you can’t help but love. I also love to draw Billy and he has already appeared on a few birthday cards. He enjoys the usually doggy things, like chasing sticks and hoovering up any spare bits of chicken a person might have in their pocket and there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned roll in some foxy poo-poo, yum yum yum, don’t you smell gorgeous…

Billy also has a great taste in music.

Billy Bowie signed card

But watch out if you’re a rabbit!

Killer Billy tidy.jpg

Billy lives with his long-term companion and they both like cake.

I like cake

Be like Billy; roll in poo. I’m doing it now! Heh.. uurrrr…