Chunder Woman

I done another one of them drawings for that there reprobate The Whitechapel Whelk. If you fancy a look it’s Here.  It’s also available on Soz Satire.

Here’s something to whet your appetite –


Model wears own clothes and jewellery.  Hair and make up by my cat.


A Pair of Pants

We were driving along the other day and at the side of the road was one of those yoovs with low-slung trousers. I made a throw away comment and the idea for a superhero was born… only he became two very different people.

My partner’s vision of this superhero –

Pants 1.jpg

And my vision of this superhero –

Pants 2.jpg

Please feel free to comment on your preferred version.  Don’t worry – my partner never reads this blog – you can be harsh.  Obviously mine’s better, yeah?  Not that I’m trying to influence you in any way…