Ta, matey!

My amazing friend MADE me this dragon for my birthday and I am still astonished at the work that has gone into it.


For those of you you may be interested in the creation of this creature (Rediskotย I’m looking at you) I think there has been some knitting and some crochet going on. Here are a couple of blurry close-ups of the little diva to illustrate why I am not a photographer.


It arrived with a little card about Llewellyn daydreaming about the Welsh kings who loved dragons and as my amazing friend is called Sue I felt the obvious choice for a name was Sue-Ellen. Now Sue-Ellen sits atop my drawing board, laughing at my efforts at cartoonery.

This is the card I made for Sue to say ‘Ta, matey!’

Thanks for the dragon.jpg

23 thoughts on “Ta, matey!

  1. Cheese and crackers!!! She looks knitted all the way (except for maybe the eyes). This is madness… with little knitted teeth ๐Ÿ˜€
    You gotta feed her, then she’ll not burnicate all your furniture so much. Unfortunately I’ve no idea what knitted dragons eat, but if crocheted and beaded ones are any indication, beer, toast and toothpicks are a good start.

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