Worse Nightmare

It’s about time we saw some of my not-so-little leggy relatives on here.

Spider Nightmare.jpg

I think something like this happened to my partner the other day – I wasn’t paying that much attention but I noticed there was an emergency stop and some general yelling before the driver’s seat was rapidly evacuated.

(No banks, partners or spiders were harmed in the making of this cartoon, though my favourite balaclava is starting to unravel slightly and the car is a bit cobwebby.)


8 thoughts on “Worse Nightmare

  1. That’s a very badass spider! And the way it’s holding the gun looks very dangerous! It might accidentally shoot through the floor and the whole thing will sink!
    Does he at least catch the chatty flies?

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    1. Well, first of all, I’m very concerned about where you are driving your car for it to be sinking… 😀 SHE is indeed a badass – she’s wanted for several bank holdups. However, in her spare time she DOES like to chase and trap flies who ride those irritatingly noisy little mopeds. So, you know, ups and downs…

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