PC Ted Stupor Crop

Ahoy hoy! Fancy imbibing some alcoholic adventures with a rather spiffing-looking man in uniform? I drew this feller for the Whitechapel Whelk last week. Get a load of what he’s done with him!

Also available full frontal in HD and stereo on Dafty News. Oooh…

Phwoar!!! I would, wouldn’t you?

I’m going for a lie-down.

Lie here

7 thoughts on “Stuporific

  1. Awesome! It’s such a coincidence … I read Whelk’s post just last night and it was actually the artwork that made me click on it. I’m glad I did, for both your artwork and Whelk’s post were awesome.

    Also, it’s really great to see bloggers collaborating like this!

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