Don’t Look Again

Don’t Look (The Introduction)

I’m having a long weekend so I still haven’t drawn anything new but I have a few more of these vintage pieces from the museum/art gallery for you to shake your head and tut at. May I remind you that I was not looking at what I was drawing – I think I was watching another museum assistant in a game of charades at the time.  I mean, the Canaletto, yes, I was keeping a beady eye on the Canaletto.  Art thieves – you never know when they’ll strike.



11 - Copy (2).jpg

7 - Copy.jpg

10 - Copy (3).jpg

9 - Copy (3).jpg

8 - Copy.jpg


10 - Copy (2).jpg

8 - Copy (2).jpg

At least I’m not stuck in another office.

I Hate my Job.jpg



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